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Resolutions Associated to Shri. Michael Lobo

Sixth Legislative Assembly 2012 (Post-Statehood)

Calling Attention (Calling Attention)
Session : Nineth Session 2015 | Sitting : BUSINESS FOR THE DAY - 2
Raised by : Shri. Michael Lobo
"Fear and anxiety in the minds of the people of Baga-Arpora due to the illegal hill cutting and land filling to construct an illegal road through the private property of the Jesuits community, thereby posing serious danger to the historic Xavier Retreat House. The incessant and heavy rains could lead to its collapse if the Government authorities don't put things in right direction at the earliest and the steps the Government intends to take to avoid disaster and any un-towards incident."
Calling Attention (Calling Attention)
Session : Seventh Session 2014 | Sitting : BUSINESS FOR THE DAY -1
Raised by : Shri. Michael Lobo
Concerned Member : Shri. Manohar Parrikar
" Fear and anxiety in the minds of the people, specially educated unemployed youth of Goa, that foreign nationals who are in Goa on Tourist Visa carrying different types of business such as restaurants, private shacks, tourist guides, tour operators etc., thereby depriving our local Goan youth who are unemployed and who wants to start their own business. Action the Government intends to take for permanent closure of foreigners, illegally carrying business in Goa."
Calling Attention (Calling Attention)
Session : Seventh Session 2014 | Sitting : BUSINESS FOR THE DAY -11
Raised by : Shri. Michael Lobo
"Fear and apprehension in the minds of the people of Calangute due to lack of action from law enforcement agency due to the present system that tacitly allow prostitution activities under the guise of Government approved massage parlour/Spa and Ayurvedic treatment centres. Steps Government intends to take to solve the issue by bringing in legislation to amend the present license issuing system ".
Zero Hour Mention (Zero Hour Mentions)
Session : Fourth Session 2013 | Sitting : BUSINESS FOR THE DAY - 12
Raised by : Shri. Michael Lobo

SHRI   MICHAEL    LOBO,   MLA  made  a mention  about  the  fear and  anxiety  in the  minds  of people  of  Calangute   over  increasing number of  stray   dog   bite   cases,   thereby   getting   four   persons admitted to  G.M.C.   on  4th    April   2013.   The   steps   Government intends to take in this matter.

SHRI  LAXMIKANT    P ARSEKAR,   Minister  for Health  replied to the Mention.

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